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Providing the BEDROCK For embedded systems

We are a technology company that solves complex engineering challenges requiring custom hardware designs. We offer solutions that integrate well-designed hardware with meticulously designed software.

Our core competency is in the areas of hardware design, managing hardware manufacturing logistics, automation projects and low-level software.

Our turnkey electronic product design services are supported by our automated EMS service - so you don't need to juggle between multiple vendors to bring your ideas to life. Your teams can focus on the parts of the product where you bring most value.

Our Platforms

PCBKingdom is our one-stop automated electronics manufacturing service (EMS). It offers fully-automated quotes 24x7 to get your designs manufactured and delivered to you.

Just upload your HW design and BOM and let us take care of PCB Manufacturing, Component Procurement and PCB Assembly logistics for you. Ready-to-use boards are delivered in under 3 weeks, regardless of the quantities.

What we do!

Hardware Design

If you're looking for high-quality hardware designs for your product, come talk to us about your requirements.

We are adept at multi-layer designs based on microprocessors and microcontrollers with specialisation in low-power designs for any application.


We have extensive experience automating large factories and manufacturing processes using sensors and actuators.

Access to the data allows organisations to use Big Data solutions to effectively use the vast amount of information to make precise decisions.

Hardware Manufacturing

Take your hardware designs to production with our one-stop, fully-automated platform: PCBKingdom.

Focus on your core expertise and let us worry about the logistics of getting hardware manufactured and delivered to you.

Embedded Software

Whether your application requires an RTOS such as Zephyr for your microcontroller-based sensor application or full-fledged Linux on a powerful microprocessor, we have the expertise.