I just need help with the hardware! I can design the software myself. Can you do that?

Yes, we can! Reach out to us at support@mbedrock.com and if the we're able to, we'd be happy to help. We can take care of the design and manufacturing of the hardware (through our PCBKingdom service) and deliver it to you so you can focus on the software.

Can you do the industrial/mechanical design for the product?

Yes, we accept commissions for custom enclosure design if it is part of a turnkey project where we're also designing the electronics. This makes it easy for us to argue with ourselves when the connectors on the PCB aren't quite aligned with the openings in the enclosure.

How long will it take to complete the hardware design?

It depends on the complexity of the design.

We first need to gather the requirements, do component selection to fit the requirements, design the schematics for the circuit followed by the layout on the board. Finally all the signals are routed. There are cross-checks and testing involved at each stage to ensure that the board is operating with-in the design parameters. Each of these requires anywhere from a day to several weeks of effort depending on the complexity.

How long will it take to manufacture the boards?

The up to date timelines can be obtained on PCBKingdom, but we try to keep it down to under 3 weeks after the order is paid for. We can do shorter timelines for repeat, prepaid orders.